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When should I schedule the inspection?

If you are the BUYER: We recommend that you make the home inspection a part of your purchase agreement with the seller as a contingency pending your approval.

If you are the SELLER: We recommend that you have the property inspected before you list your property for sale, so that you can have the opportunity to correct any possible issues.

Do I really need a home inspection?

What do you have to lose?  Let's face it, for most of us, our homes are some of the biggest investments that we will make in our lifetime.  No matter how many times we go through the process, it's not possible for someone who is not familiar with the ins and outs of the many working parts of a house.  The condition and functionality of these parts as a system will determine your comfort and safety while living in your home.  Having a trained professional give these matters a thorough once over and educate you on the current state of the home will aid you in the determination of the overall value of your investment and, in turn, give you the knowledge you need to make a well thought out decision.

How long does a home inspection take?

The average home inspection can take an average of 2-4 hours for completion.

Should the client be present when the inspection takes place?

YES! We strongly encourage you and anyone else who is part of the decision making process to attend the inspection. This is the time for you to ask questions and get answers with explanations of potential issues.

When will the report be completed?

You can expect to receive your thorough home inspection report within 24 hours.

Why don’t you deliver your report on site?

Bergen Home Inspections aims to provide you with a thorough and unbiased report.  In order to accomplish this, our reports are compiled in our office the evening of the inspections. This way, we are able to focus on reviewing our notes and checklist and researching any questionable areas of concern. Digital photos of areas of concern are then inserted for further clarification. The result is a complete, easy to read and easy-to-understand home inspection report.

Will an Inspection “fail” a house?

No, there is no “pass/fail”. Most homes will have some problems, but everything can be repaired. It’s our job to point them out to you so you are able to make an informed decision.

Will you tell me whether or not I should buy the home?

No. The decision of whether or not to purchase a home is strictly up to you. As Home Inspectors,  Bergen Home Inspections cannot provide advice on making a home purchase.  We can only provide information for your to make an educated decision. The home inspection report is not legal advice.

When are you able to perform an inspections?

Due to the busy schedules of realtors, clients, sellers, and buyers, Inspections are available 7 days a week by appointment. Keep in mind that home inspections do need to be performed during daylight hours.

What is the fee for an inspection?

The fee for a complete home inspections will vary depending on the home’s size, age and components of the home.   

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