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Welcome to Bergen Home Inspections ​

Becoming a homeowner is no small feat. Commendable and satisfying an achievement as it is, the elation does come with a lot of stress innate to the process of home buying. Your choice of the right home inspector for the job will greatly alleviate the stress and anxiety related to this transaction. Let Bergen Home Inspections assist you in making this process seamless, painless and rather pleasurable. Our experience in working with home buyers, sellers, attorneys, and realtors all throughout New Jersey for the past 18 years in various aspects of construction and property management would make us the right people for the job.


If you grant us the privilege of being a part of your experience as home buyer or seller, we will most certainly exceed your expectations and add yet another happy customer to our list.

We are proud to offer:

Free Consultations

7 Days a Week Service

Complete Narrative report within 24 - 48 hours 

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